Friday, August 13, 2010


So my exams are finally over:)
and i now have about 4 days off school, then its back again...
but not long till it is all overrr october 22 :)

On another note, it is winter atm in Australia and its shit... 
there is no sun, or heat, its cold, and ugly
so i decied to try St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse which i do believe i have fallen inlove with. it was an easy application and it turned out so well that i even put some on my face. i have sensitive skin and i had no problems with it. it is pretty expensive in Australia at about 45 bucks a bottle.

I also use Le Tan Fast Tan which is a cheaper one, it is also good. but i wouldnt reconmend using it on your face

I would show you before and afters but my camera is out of action atm, so next time i will defs put up some photos.


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