Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday Haul

I know its late but still hahah
And im sorry for the terrible photos but my boyfriend has my new camera so im stuck with my dinosor

 Bra Boys on of my Fav documentries about surfing 
From my boyfriend

 True blood season one love itt
From my dad

 This is a set of 3 bangles they are all gold,
One is white gold, rose gold and then just gold gold

 These are from my boyfriends mum

 This is an album with photos of me as a baby

 Both the album and this photo frame are from my mum

 This braclet is from my boyfriend and on the love heart it says "Maddie 18 Love Alex" its very cute and i wear it everyday

 This is another braclet this is from my mum it has an 18 key on it and an M

 My 2 best mates paid for me to get my lip pirced :)

 Bottle of Moet Champagne from my dads friends

 Sorry for the terrible photo

This is an opal ring from my dad (opal is my birthstone) it is so pretty:)

I also got Kylie Minogue Darling purfume its so nice and i love it

From the rest of my mates... well at my dinner i was never with out a drink hahahah

thats all loverlies 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lots of catching up to do...

So I've finished high school for everr !!!!!!!!!
I had my last HSC exam last friday and all my exams went pretty well. The exams are my excuse for not blogging but now i have so much to tell about...

OK so firstly on the last day of school we had our muck up day.. Me and my friends sang infront of the whole school... It was fun but id never do it again

 Sandy, Me and Lauren

The school also hosted a BBQ for our brother school (my school is all girls)

Suzi, Nicola, Chloe, Georgia and Me

The last couple of days of school were sad, i know im going to miss everyone verymuch but its good to know i still have my best mates
Lauren, Sandy, Me

In other news I TURNED 18!!!!!!!!!!!! this means that here in Australia I can legaly drink go out to clubs and pubs etc..
My birthday was great even thought i was in the middle of studying for my HSC.
I mainly got jewlery but i will do a brithday haul after this..
I just went up to my local Pub with my close mates and family.

 The food was pretty good but it always is

 Me and my Boyfriend Alex, eating like always

 Me and my Dad having a laugh

 This had to be the best cake i have ever had

 Me and my Dad

Alex, me and my Brother Sean, talking shit probs haha

What else is there?....
Oh yeah i applied for tafe next year which is like collage, and i finally got a job which i started yesterday.

My Year 12 formal is also coming up very soon. its on the 14th Nov, cant wait for that. Ofcorse there will be tones of pictures.

Well im pretty sure thats it for now. I will blog alot more now that Ive fnished school.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Major MIA

I understand I have been overally MIA but I have a good reason, I have been very busy at school as I am graduating on THURSDAY!!!! Im so excited and its my 18th birthday in 16 days !!!!! So yeah I have just been busy but i went shopping today and I have a massive haul so I shall get started on that now:)

Monday, August 30, 2010

very MIA sorry

so i know i have been overally mia lately, sorry
ive just been busy with school and its kinda party season atm.
but i will post very soon, still waiting to get my camera back :(
life will be much more excitin once that happens

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

gahhhh FML hard core

just showing you how much stupid studying iam doing, even though i have finsihed my trails i still have to study, the picture above is 22 pages of notes on World War 1 and i am nowhere near finished that is only 1 dot point in a topic out of 4 and the topic is the 1st one out of another 4.... seriously what did i do to diserve this.... kill me now. oh well should get back to studying.... wish me luck.. i will try not to die of bordom

Monday, August 16, 2010

bit of this and that


my dad is away atm so the house is mine for the weekend so my boyfriend alex came and stayed over, after he got out of the shower yesterday morning i went in to do my hair and make up and saw this on my mirror and thought i was very cute.

My outfit of the day 
Just a simple black singlet with a white high wasted skrit, thongs and just simple make up. it was the first time in a couple of months i could wear a skirt as it was beautiful and sunny outside.

later that night alex and our mate Luc come over and we broke out the old school xbox 

we cooked dinner and i also attempted to make apple jucie with a food processer which didnt end up so well
the apple just ended up grated
and this was all the jucie i had to show for one apple. what a let down

we then ended the night with a game of cludo ofcorse
and the boys both beat me about 4 times over :(

thats all for now 


So today i was at my boyfriends house, he owns a restaurant on Parramatta Rd, we were out the back cooking and we heard this big bag, so we go out the front and there are 3 cars, one was facing the wrong way towards oncoming traffic with the driver side front wheel missing, the other one was on the medium strip, and the third was smashed up down the road more. first the ambulance came, then the fire brigade. Luckily no one was hurt :)

So that was my interesting moment of the day
On another note, i watched Valentines Day today, it was a great movie and i would recommend it for a lazy day with your boyfriend.