Monday, August 16, 2010

bit of this and that


my dad is away atm so the house is mine for the weekend so my boyfriend alex came and stayed over, after he got out of the shower yesterday morning i went in to do my hair and make up and saw this on my mirror and thought i was very cute.

My outfit of the day 
Just a simple black singlet with a white high wasted skrit, thongs and just simple make up. it was the first time in a couple of months i could wear a skirt as it was beautiful and sunny outside.

later that night alex and our mate Luc come over and we broke out the old school xbox 

we cooked dinner and i also attempted to make apple jucie with a food processer which didnt end up so well
the apple just ended up grated
and this was all the jucie i had to show for one apple. what a let down

we then ended the night with a game of cludo ofcorse
and the boys both beat me about 4 times over :(

thats all for now 


  1. If you get a chance, please check out my dare you to wear challenge. I am challenging my subscribers to recreate a look from the derek lam fashion show (pics on my blog). I will be doing an updated post showing what everyone came up with.
    I am also currently having my August giveaway.

  2. I love messages left on the bathroom mirror... best thing ever.